2017 Blog Recap: The Articles You Liked The Most This Year

By: Tigist Ketema, COGENCY GLOBAL INC. on Thu, Dec 28, 2017

COGENCY GLOBAL 2017 Blog RecapAs 2017 is coming to a close, we at COGENCY GLOBAL are looking back at the all the blog posts we published this year to see which ones you responded to the most. Here are our top five most popular blog publications:

  1. Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Nonprofits: Our VP of Nonprofit, Ron Barrett, discusses how charities can benefit from sales tax exemption rules in various states.
  2. What a Certificate of Good Standing Does and Does Not Tell You: This article tells you about variances between what each state includes and does not include in the certificates of good standing they issue.
  3. Northward Bound: Registering a U.S. Company To Do Business in Canada: Thinking about starting a business in Canada? This post details some things you have to consider before setting up shop.
  4. Transferring Domicile from One Country to Another: If you are looking to move your Delaware company abroad or vice versa (move a foreign business to the U.S.), you will want to read this article to gain some clarity around the topic.
  5. Which States Require Charitable Solicitation Registration for Nonprofits?: Read this article to find out which states require charitable solicitation registration and which states do not depending on the type of nonprofit that is being registered.

What else are you interested in learning about? Feel free to get in touch with us and let us know what topics you would like covered in 2018.


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