Top 10 NCR Blog Postings of 2012: All about Corporate Transactions and Compliance

By: Jill Corbett, COGENCY GLOBAL INC. on Wed, Jan 16, 2013

Since there was such great interest in our blog postings in 2012, we thought our readers might be interested in looking back at the most popular articles we posted:

Top Corporate Transactions and Compliance ArticlesOnline Filing Now Available for New York Biennial Reports

The New York Department of State made filing easier by launching an online Biennial Statements filing system.  Learn more about this system and make your filing process easier! Go to article.


Northward Bound: Registering a U.S. Company To Do Business in Canada

Where is the most common place to expand your market outside of the U.S.? It’s Canada! Explore the options a U.S. corporation or limited liability company can consider when deciding to do business in Canada.  Go to article.


Two New Types of Corporations in New York: Benefit Corporations and Design Professional Service Corporations

The state of New York announced two new types of corporations. Read this article to learn about them! Go to article.


California Changes Procedures for Business Entity Filings

Effective January 1, 2013, California changed its procedures for business entity filings. This article provides a summary of the changes. Go to article.


Puerto Rico Online Corporate Records and Annual Report Information: Proceed with Caution

Be warned! Not every jurisdiction provides accurate corporate information online. A good example of this is Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s website frequently does not accurately reflect corporate filings, corporate status, company name or even jurisdiction.  Go to article.


Registered Agent Services: 5 Things You Must Know 

When looking for a registered agent service company, “one size does NOT fit all!” This checklist will help to ensure you are covering the most important bases when looking for the best registered agent service to meet your company's needs.  Go to article.


10 Interesting Facts about Series Limited Liability Companies 

The series limited liability company (LLC) is a type of LLC that, depending on the particular statutory provisions, may allow for the segregation of certain liabilities, assets, profits and control within a single entity. Those who are considering forming or who are presented with a series LLC in a transaction may find these ten facts of interest.  Go to article.


Delaware Franchise Tax: Why Do Some Companies Have to Pay Quarterly?  

Since many companies choose to form in Delaware, we see a lot of confusion regarding the fact that some companies must pay franchise taxes quarterly, instead of annually. To learn why some companies have to pay quarterly and what the consequences are for failure to make the payments on time, read this article!  Go to article.


Checklist for End-of-Year Delaware Corporate Mergers or Consolidations

If you are familiar with the basic statutory and administrative guidelines, corporate merger filings in Delaware are as easy as 1-2-3.  This checklist will make the process easier at any time of year that you are working on a merger in Delaware. Go to article.


Avoid Making the 3 Most Common Mistakes on LLC Filings!

It can be frustrating to have your LLC filings rejected and delayed because of some avoidable mistakes you made.  Learn about the most common mistakes we see so you don’t make them. Go to article.


What were your favorite Corporate Transactions and Compliance articles of the year?  Share them in the comment section below!


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