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Hassle-Free Business Filing

It’s overwhelming to prepare and file business licenses, permits and tax forms. A single mistake can delay the whole process, costing you time and money.

Avoid rejected applications by having us complete and file them for all of your locations. We’ll make sure it’s done right.

Compliance Made Simple

Once we have your business information, we’ll complete and file everything you need, in every location. Our friendly team will keep in touch throughout the process and remind you when it’s time to renew. Subsequent filings are even easier, with our secure database that stores all of your business information for fast refiling.

Your License Filing Package

Whether you need to quickly license a newly acquired business, or you’re overwhelmed by expanding to new locations, COGENCY GLOBAL has you covered.

When you’re ready for help, our team will:

  • Collect your information for applications
  • Complete your forms
  • Submit applications and fees
  • Monitor your application and let you know when it’s approved