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License Assessment

Know What You Need, Now

There are a lot of different regulations to know for every location of your business. When you’re not sure what you have, what you need, or where to start, we’ll sort it out.

Our team can quickly assess your constantly changing federal, state and local filing requirements, renewal dates, and paperwork needed, for all of your locations. A missed renewal date can shut down your business, or worse. Don’t put your business at risk, get help.

Simple Solutions

We’ll provide an easy-to-understand report that lists the requirements, dates, applications and filing instructions you need – for every location of your business. We even make our pricing simple, with one fee for our research, including current license verification.  

Your Assessment Package

Whether you’re doing business in multiple locations, or just aren’t sure that you know everything you need, we can help.

Your License Assessment Package includes:

  • Research of existing license, permit and tax registration requirements, for every location.
  • Review of your existing licenses, permits and tax registrations.
  • Verifying the status of every license.
  • A list of current, expired and missing licenses including status, renewal dates and reporting frequencies.
  • Required forms and instructions to get you in compliance.