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We Cure Compliance Frustration

Focus on growing your business instead of the frustrating process of figuring out what business license requirements apply to you. It’s complicated, time-consuming and risky. Find out exactly what needs to be filed and where, with fast, friendly guidance.

Licenses, Permits and Tax Registrations Made Easy

Simply send us your business details to get the forms, instructions and deadlines you need for your license, permits and tax registrations. Usually, it just takes a few days. Even our pricing is easy, with a universal rate for every industry and location.

Your Compliance Package

Whether you’re expanding a property management business or opening a new retail store location, COGENCY GLOBAL has you covered.

You’ll receive an easy-to-understand electronic package containing:

  • Business license, permit and tax registration application forms.
  • Filing instructions for each form.
  • Schedule of licensing fees.
  • Licensing authority contact information for self-filing.