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What a Registered Agent Should Be

NATIONAL REGISTERED AGENTSCompanies and nonprofits are required by law to appoint a registered agent and registered office for every state they’re located in to receive and respond to sensitive legal documents (service of process), tax information, compliance communications and more. For organizations that span multiple states, choosing a national registered agent is often the go-to solution. 

That's where we come in. As your national registered agent, Cogency Global ensures that all your important legal documents are managed promptly and in compliance with state laws. When you choose us, we become an integral part of your team, not just a formal name on your documents. We're committed to smooth operations, keeping you informed and compliant at every step.

Who We Work With: Law Firms and Mid-to-Large-Sized Organizations

If you have a mid-to-large-sized business registered in multiple states, you need a registered agent to receive and forward legal documents on your behalf. Cogency Global can be your one-stop solution for all your registered agent needs. We offer reliable and responsive service across the U.S. and beyond.

If you run a nonprofit organization registered in multiple states, you need a registered agent to comply with the state laws and regulations. Cogency Global can help you stay on top of your compliance obligations and avoid penalties and fines.

We also offer specialized services for nonprofits, such as charitable solicitation registration, tax exemption filing, and annual report preparation.

If you are a law firm that provides registered agent services for your clients, you need a partner that can handle the complex and time-consuming tasks of managing multiple entities in multiple jurisdictions. Cogency Global can be your trusted partner for registered agent services.

How Partnering With Us Benefits Your Organization:

  • Strategic Support: More than just a statutory necessity, our services integrate into your team, offering tailored support that evolves with your business needs.

  • Proactive Compliance Assistance: We keep you ahead of compliance with reminders for annual reports and periodic filings, ensuring you maintain good standing seamlessly.

  • Secured and Streamlined Access: With Entity Central®, manage your entity’s details with a secure, intuitive platform, enhancing your team’s efficiency and response capabilities.

Cogency Global works with law firms and mid-to-large-sized organizations that operate in multiple states. Contact us today to get started.


Our Registered Agent Services

Whether you need statutory representation for nonprofits, companies in a REIT portfolio or for other for-profit entities, we work hard to be the smart choice for registered agent services by offering a comprehensive plan for your most time-sensitive communications. Our registered agent services include:

  • Registered Agent and Office Address: We provide a registered agent and registered office address in each state to meet statutory requirements and ensure your organization's compliance across all jurisdictions.

  • Document Handling: Our team handles service of process, as well as legal and state tax notifications in every state and many countries around the world.

  • Immediate Notifications: Receive immediate alerts whenever new documents are received. This timely communication helps you respond swiftly to legal obligations.

  • Secure Notification Options: Choose how you receive your notifications. We offer a range of secure options, including email, secured links, password-protected access and express courier delivery to suit your preferences and ensure maximum security.

  • Online Entity Management System: With Entity Central®, you can access your entity’s information, customized reports and real-time status updates right from smart devices anywhere.


Why Cogency Global?

Founded in 1980, Cogency Global is an international provider of registered agent, corporate transaction and compliance solutions for companies, nonprofits and their counsel. Our firm is headquartered in New York City with offices in major global cities like London, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as across the United States. This global presence equips us to support legal and business professionals worldwide. 

"Cogency Global's customer service has always been outstanding. I walked away from yesterday's meeting feeling as if we are in better hands now than we were before."
I always appreciate your excellent service, response time, and diligence - and everything that you do for our clients and our firm. I do not know what we would do without you!
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