Delaware Filing Deadlines: Changes for March 29th

By: COGENCY GLOBAL, COGENCY GLOBAL INC. on Mar 25, 2019 11:41:17 AM

[Image] Delaware State Flag | Changes to Delaware Filing Deadlines for March 29thOn Friday, March 29th, the Delaware Division of Corporations is holding a department-wide employee recognition event. As a result, please be aware of the following filing deadline changes: 

  • All 30-minute and one-hour filings must be received by the state by 6 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
  • Two-hour filings must be received by the state by 5 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

All other cut-off times remain unchanged.

Please plan on getting your filings to COGENCY GLOBAL in advance of the deadlines listed above so that we can review them before submitting on your behalf. 

The schedule changes listed above will just result in delayed turnaround times for receiving evidence. We will still be able to process your filing requests with Friday’s date.

Also note, these schedule changes will not affect our ability to handle your document retrieval and UCC search requests.

Please contact your COGENCY GLOBAL service specialist with any other questions.

Topics: Delaware Corporate, UCC and Compliance