New Form Required for China Legalization Requests

By: Maria Guerrero, COGENCY GLOBAL INC. on Nov 15, 2017 1:40:23 PM

Chinese Flag.jpgThe Chinese Embassy has released a new version of the “G1” form. The Chinese Embassy and Consulates have long required the submission of a G-1 form with requests for the legalization of documents. The form requested information to identify the person or company making the request and the nature of the submitted documents.

There are a number of important changes that will affect the legalization process for China: 

  1. The new, two-page form requests some additional information, including the destination of the legalized documents.
  2. The new form requests information on the legal representative of the company for a company applicant.
  3. The new forms require original signatures of both the agent submitting the forms and a representative of the applicant
  4. The new version is a fillable adobe form, and the embassy will no longer accept forms that are filled in by hand.

Please reach out to your knowledgeable COGENCY GLOBAL service specialist for assistance in managing the legalization process for documents that will be used in China.