Webinar: Are Educational Institutions Exempt from Charitable Registration?

By: COGENCY GLOBAL on May 27, 2020 2:45:31 PM

Educational Institutions Exempt from Charitable RegistrationWhat can often be a surprise to many people is that educational institutions (including colleges, universities and related foundations) are not automatically exempt from state charitable solicitation registration.  Many states require educational institutions to either register to solicit donations or file for an exemption from registration.

It can be a real challenge for educational institutions that fundraise in multiple states to get and stay in compliance since the requirements can vary widely from state to state.

If you are involved with fundraising compliance for colleges, universities, educational foundations, auxiliaries or related organizations, I invite you to attend our upcoming webinar on charitable registration and exemption filing requirements.

Charitable Registrations and Exemptions for Educational Institutions
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020
1 PM – 2 PM EDT
(10 AM – 11:10 AM PDT)

Led by Ron Barrett, COGENCY GLOBAL’s Vice President of Nonprofit Services and author of Nonprofit Fundraising Registration: Nolo’s 50-State Digital Guide, you will learn how to:

  • Determine where registration filings are required, especially if professional fundraisers are involved.
  • Identify whether your institution is over-registered or has gaps in registration and exemption filing coverage.
  • Develop effective strategies to limit charitable registration filings and take advantage of available exemptions.
Assess the impact of digital fundraising on the need for charitable registrations.

Advance registration is required for this no-fee webinar.

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