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Learn the essentials of Nonprofit Fundraising Registration and create a game plan for success. From the basics of what charitable solicitation is, to the details of registering your nonprofit, this is the smart way to plan your fundraising efforts and avoid legal trouble.

Explore this Free Chapter to Learn:

  • Who is exempt from registering.
  • What charitable solicitation is.
  • Information for professional fundraisers.
  • Board member liability.
  • When, where, how you should register.
  • What to do if you’re out of compliance.
  • Advice for newly formed nonprofits.
  • Applying for a grant as charitable solicitation.
  • Registration renewal.
  • Annual financial reporting.
  • Planning your registration.
  • Tips for minimizing your registration requirements.
  • And more.

This complimentary chapter is part of Nonprofit Fundraising Registration, Nolo’s 50-State Digital Guide, a digital book known throughout the industry as “The Nonprofit Fundraising Registration Bible.” It’s an easy-to-understand resource, co-authored by Ronald J. Barrett of COGENCY GLOBAL, and updated biannually with links to forms, statutes and state websites, and includes the latest fundraising registration, renewal, exemption and extension requirements.

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