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Reliable Preparation and Filing

Cogency Global has provided UCC filing services for more than 40 years. We simplify complex UCC filing rules for you by handling preparation, filing and portfolio management with speed, precision and specialized knowledge of Article 9, from each office’s fees to each state’s requirements.

Work with a UCC filing company that will help you avoid costly delays and rejections by filing right, the first time.

UCC Filing Services

Who We Work With: Law Firms, Lenders and Mid-to-Large-Sized Organizations

For law firms navigating the complexities of UCC filings, Cogency Global offers more than 40 years of experience. Our services ensure precision and speed in preparation, filing and portfolio management, tailored to meet the specific needs of each state. Law firms can trust us to handle their UCC filings accurately and efficiently, avoiding costly delays and rejections.

For lenders, we ensure quick and accurate UCC filings. Our services include thorough reviews, fund advancements and adherence to jurisdictional requirements. Additionally, lenders can leverage our complimentary UCC online filing system, UCC ProFile, which offers setup and training at no extra cost.

Cogency Global provides comprehensive services designed to simplify UCC management for corporate counsel at mid-to-large-sized businesses. Our UCC ProFile system streamlines the preparation and filing process, ensuring accuracy while saving valuable time. With our dedicated support, corporate counsel can concentrate on strategic legal matters, confident in the knowledge that their UCC filings are handled correctly from the outset.

Cogency Global works with law firms, lenders, and mid-to-large-sized organizations that operate in multiple states. Contact us today to get started.


Our UCC Preparation and Filing services

UCC preparation and filing has always been a strength for Cogency Global. Our experience, national network and unparalleled service ensure your UCCs are more accurate and get filed as quickly as possible. We’ll complete, review, advance funds and file following your instructions and the jurisdiction's requirements. Simply check your inbox for your evidence of filing. Our services include:

  • Complimentary UCC ProFile Access: Setup and training to prepare UCC1s and UCC3 amendments easily. The system also includes UCC3 continuation management and lapse reports.

  • UCC Lien Filing: Assistance with the filing process to ensure accuracy and compliance.

  • Form Review: Checking over your self-prepared forms to meet specific jurisdictional requirements.

  • Advancing Fees: Payment of necessary fees on your behalf for a smoother filing experience.

  • Filing Follow-up: Ensuring the submission process is on track by following up with filing offices.

  • Acknowledgment Receipts: Providing filed acknowledgment receipts from the filing office. UCC ProFile also provides UCC3 continuation management and lapse reports.


Complimentary UCC ProFile Access

UCC ProFile is our innovative online application that simplifies and secures your UCC filing process. With complimentary UCC ProFile access, you can create, manage and track your financing statements anytime, anywhere. Key features include:

  • Complimentary Setup and Training: Enable your entire team to efficiently prepare, file and download acknowledgments and amend filings efficiently and accurately with auto-populated fields.

  • 24/7 Online Access: Effortlessly create, manage and monitor your financing statements at any time.

  • Efficient Global Editing: Quickly revise multiple filings in large projects with our time-saving global editing feature.

  • XML Electronic Filing: Expedite your filing process in numerous states with XML electronic filing.

  • Accessible PDF Acknowledgments: Conveniently view and download PDF acknowledgment receipts any time.

  • Filing Management Tools: Effectively schedule and oversee due dates for continuations, terminations and other amendments.


Why Cogency Global?

Founded in 1980, Cogency Global is an international provider of registered agent, corporate transaction and compliance solutions for companies, nonprofits and their counsel. Our firm is headquartered in New York City with offices in major global cities like London, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as across the United States. This global presence equips us to support legal and business professionals worldwide. 

"Cogency Global's customer service has always been outstanding. I walked away from yesterday's meeting feeling as if we are in better hands now than we were before."
I always appreciate your excellent service, response time, and diligence - and everything that you do for our clients and our firm. I do not know what we would do without you!
I feel like I'm falling from the sky and landing on a Cogency Cloud. Every. Single. Day. I'd happily recommend this team to any paralegal friend of mine out there, looking to work with the best of the best.
Your staff has always been there for myself and my company. You respond immediately no matter the need. It exceeds all others!


Ready To Streamline Your UCC Filing?

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