WEBINAR: IP Due Diligence
What You Need to Know and How to Do It

Intellectual Property Due Diligence - What to Know and How to Do It

Professionals conducting public record due diligence know that intellectual property due diligence (IPDD) should be included with the more traditional types of searches, but uncertainty remains about what to search, where to search and what limitations come with the results.

Our webinar recording covers the following topics:

  • The purpose, value and challenges of intellectual property due diligence.
  • The connection between IP due diligence and traditional public record due diligence.
  • Determining the scope of IP due diligence the ‘where’ and ‘how’ of conducting federal IP searches.
  • The confusing overlap with state systems under the UCC.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of searching public websites.
  • Real world situations exemplifying the challenges of IP due diligence and how you can avoid the same pitfalls.