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7 of Our Top Reads to Ring in the New Year

By: Heidi Kleister, Editor, COGENCY GLOBAL on Thu, Dec 31, 2020

COGENCY GLOBAL Blog Recap 2020We’ve made it to the last few days of 2020. Many people have been eagerly waiting for this momentous calendar shift, as it’s been an extremely challenging year. 

Before ringing in the new year, let’s take a small detour into our blog’s top reads of 2020 that may help you have a strong start in 2021!

Considerations for Filing Corporate Documents Online

An especially useful resource this year, Teri Mayor identifies key points to keep in mind when filing documents online.

International Due Diligence: Can I Get a Certificate of Good Standing or UCC Search in China?

Karen Redman and Milo Qin discuss what is available on the public record in China and how it differs from U.S. due diligence requests.

UCC Assignment and Federal USPTO Assignment: One Word, Two Meanings

Despina Shields takes a deep dive into the differences between UCC assignment filings and IP assignments with the U.S. Patents and Trademark Office.

Top 10 Charitable Solicitation Registration FAQs from Nonprofits

Ron Barrett covers the most common recurring questions from nonprofit organizations, as related to state charitable solicitation registration and fundraising requirements.

Process Agent Pricing Demystified: How to Avoid Inflated Costs

Colleen DeVries tackles the most common appointment terms and pricing structures for process agents, based on transaction types.

Georgia UCC Filing: A Non-Uniform Approach

Melissa Luizzi explores Georgia’s localized approach to UCC filing, which is different than most other states.

Public Benefit Limited Liability Company: The New Entity on the Block

Farzana Khaleda explores formation and reporting requirements for PBLLCs, an entity type now available in Delaware, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Utah.


Thank you to Pia Angelikis, Ron Barrett, Krystal Beckner, Genesis Castellanos, John Celatka, Colleen DeVries, Bruce Gallo, Andy Hackett, Joan Helwig, Heather Jefferson, Farzana Khaleda, Angela Lucia, Melissa Luizzi, Teri Mayor, Milo Qin, Karen Redman, Despina Shields, Pushkala Sivaramakrishnan, Mark Thomas and Toya White for contributing their insight and expertise to the COGENCY GLOBAL blog in 2020.

What are the hot topics on your horizon for 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy New Year 2021

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