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All business corporations incorporated in the State of Delaware are required to file an Annual Report and to pay a franchise tax by March 1st of every year.  Exempt domestic corporations do not pay a tax but must file an Annual Report. This ensures that your corporation will stay in good standing status with the Secretary of State of Delaware.

Pay your annual franchise taxes and file your annual report for Delaware business corporations electronically through COGENCY GLOBAL's Delaware Annual Report Filing System in Entity Central®. This complimentary system for COGENCY GLOBAL clients helps you retain the good standing status of your Delaware corporations and provides 24/7 access to the official state acknowledgment copies of tax payments and annual franchise tax report filings in Entity Central®.

View the information the Delaware Division of Corporations has on record for your corporations: authorized shares, par value, and franchise tax calculation obtained directly from the Delaware Secretary of State’s computer system.

Save time with intuitive edit and copy features:

  • If we have information in our system from a prior Delaware annual report filing, you’ll be able to easily view and edit director, officer, and other information required by the Delaware General Corporation Law to complete the annual franchise tax report.
  • If we don’t already have these details in the system, it’s easy to enter the Director and Officer information required to complete the annual franchise tax report. This information will be automatically saved for review and editing any time during the following year. 
  • You can also copy information for the same slate of directors and officers or principal business address to one or more related subsidiaries.

Experienced Staff to Answer Your Questions 

Our knowledgeable Delaware Compliance Service Specialists are available when you need help completing your annual reports.

Reminder Notices

COGENCY GLOBAL will send two complimentary notices (in addition to the statutorily required notice) of the upcoming due date for annual report and franchise tax payments due prior to the March 1st due date.

Filing acknowledgements from the Delaware Division of Corporations uploaded to Entity Central® are available 24/7 for your future reference:

  • View and/or download PDF acknowledgment copies for each of your Delaware corporations in the Document Manager module of Entity Central®, whenever you need to.
  • In addition, confirm the good standing status of your company in Delaware by viewing the appointment details for the State of Delaware.