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When you use State Records Central®, the online search system with images provided by COGENCY GLOBAL, searching California Secretary of State lien records is easy and fast. Search for UCCs, Federal and State Liens, and Judgment liens whenever you need to, 24/7. With State Records Central® you have the flexibility to search exact names or to conduct wildcard searches for more complete due diligence. View and/or print all documents or only the ones of interest to you. Immediate results, on your desktop, are only a few clicks away.

Eliminate surprises by getting preliminary results of state data before you order official searches.

Why wait to get official search results from the California Secretary of State’s office and risk being surprised, when you can find out right away what’s on record? You can be confident in the accuracy of State Records Central® because the data is obtained directly from the California Secretary of State.

Flexible options enable you to obtain exactly what you need right away.

With State Records Central® you can search by debtor, secured party or both. Search exact names or use the wildcard option to find relevant name variations. You can also search by file number to retrieve specific documents. The system’s flexible options enable you to quickly and easily obtain the exact information you need.

Control your costs and avoid billing surprises.

State Records Central® saves you money! There is no charge for basic searching or results browsing. Results include detailed information (such as the number of pages per filing) that helps you make informed decisions to control the cost of your projects. State Records Central® also displays a running total of search and copy charges to ensure you know the costs you are incurring every step of the way.