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Take Advantage of Your Tax Exempt Status

Nonprofit Sales tax ExemptionWhile not every charitable organization automatically qualifies for a nonprofit sales tax exemption, some are eligible for more exemptions than they’re aware of. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of your nonprofit status everywhere you go.

Benefit From Our Expertise

Not all states offer a not-for-profit sales tax exemption. For the states that do, the exemption may not be available to all types of organizations.

For larger nonprofits that conduct business and regularly travel to or make purchases in multiple states, obtaining state sales tax exemptions in those jurisdictions sometimes makes sense. Local or small nonprofits may only need an exemption in the state where they are domiciled and neighboring states where they make a lot of purchases.

With our sales tax exemption filing service, we help you navigate through these complexities and determine whether a sales tax exemption is available—and applicable—to your organization.

Your Sales Tax Exemption Service

Put our expertise to work for you in obtaining and expanding your sales tax exemptions throughout the country.

Our services include:

  • Researching exemption eligibility in states you’re located in, or travel to.
  • Gathering required applications by nonprofit type and location.
  • Preparing applications and attachments on your behalf.
  • Filing and managing your sales tax exemptions.
  • Reinstating expired sales tax exemptions.
  • Obtaining a sales tax exemption certificate.
  • Assisting with:
    • Point-of-sale exemption applications.
    • Blanket purchase certificates.
    • Multistate certificates of exemption.
  • Providing custom reports to track your exemptions and any changes that apply to you.
  • Renewing filings in the states where required.

Need assistance with state income tax exemption?
We can help with that too.