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Representation & Compliance

Experience to Understand Your Deal

Independent DirectorWhen you need an Independent Director or Manager for your Delaware-based LLC or other entities in your REIT portfolio, COGENCY GLOBAL is the choice you can trust for speed, experience and reliability.

Our understanding of the role of the Independent Director or Manager required for a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) makes us a preferred choice of real estate investment trust companies, lenders, counsel, and rating agencies.

Meet Deadlines without Sacrificing Service

We’ll always meet your closing deadline because we understand the tight timelines for securitization, REIT and commercial real estate financing deals. Our comprehensive service includes expedited outside counsel document review to limit the Independent Director or Manager role to just material actions. Individuals serving as Independent Managers or Directors are senior officers of our company who are formally trained on the role and are well-prepared to vote on any material action.

Your Independent Director and Manager Service

Since 1988, we’ve been the reliable choice for REITs and other companies that are required to appoint Independent Directors and Independent Managers. We can also act as the Springing or Special Members for Special Purpose Entities.

Your independent director and manager service includes:

  • Providing the Independent Director or Manager that your lender requires.
  • Fast, experienced service to meet your closing deadlines.
  • Clearly defined Independent Director or Manager role definitions in your LLC operating agreement.
  • Expedited legal review of your documents by experienced outside counsel to limit the Independent Director or Manager role to just material actions.
  • Trained Independent Directors and Managers, who have a comprehensive understanding of the role.
  • Continuous updating of our service based on recent and emerging case law.