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Nationwide Filing Know-How

When you’re merging entities, consolidating, converting to a different type of entity or changing your home jurisdiction, timing is critical. If your merger or conversion crosses state lines, that important timing gets even more complex.

Every jurisdiction has different rules; processing times and methods of assigning your date of filing vary widely. Many states still don’t allow entity conversions or re-domestications.

We know exactly what you can do and where, so that you can have peace of mind. Rely on COGENCY GLOBAL to research the requirements, coordinate with every location and do everything we can to meet your filing deadlines.

Proactive Approach, Expert Coordination

Our team provides expert handling and coordination of your merger and conversion filings, across the country. We use a proactive approach to understand each jurisdiction’s requirements and resolve problems before we file.

A representative dedicated to your account will coordinate the filing of your documents in-person, around the country, while providing updates until you’re approved. Using professionals to file, instead of couriers, saves time and resolves problems quickly because they’re able to troubleshoot issues on the spot.

Your Mergers and Conversions

Get peace of mind and experienced, nationwide assistance for coordinating your merger, consolidation or conversion.

Your merger and conversion service includes:

  • Verification of the entity name and availability.
  • Review of your attorney-prepared documents.
  • Research of state requirements.
  • Planned approach to ensure acceptance and desired date of filing.
  • Submitting documents for preclearing, as needed.
  • Filing documents in-person, nationwide.
  • Follow up to ensure filing and to remedy any problems.
  • Providing you with evidence of filing when the process is complete.