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Filer Beware

Even a typical nationwide charitable registration can take a first-time filer up to 200 hours to complete. Add even more time and costs if your initial filings get rejected. And they might.

What you don’t know can hurt you. When you are registering to solicit, some states will ask how long you’ve been soliciting donations prior to filing. If you use the wrong form, you could pay thousands in “late fees.” 

If you’re determined to tackle your own nonprofit registrations, renewals, annual reports and more, you don’t have to do it without help. Explore our solutions and save.

DIY Done Better

We offer several levels of DIY services to make it easier for you to handle much of the registration process yourself.

Our first level of assistance, Nonprofit Fundraising Registration: Nolo’s 50-State Digital Guide, is an easy-to-understand digital resource that’s co-authored by Ronald J. Barrett of COGENCY GLOBAL. It’s updated biannually with the latest regulations, state-by-state guide to registrations, exemptions, filing requirements, Internet fundraising rules, filing strategies and more. To download a free sample chapter of the Guide, click here

We can also assist you in filing the registrations and renewals that you prepare. We ensure your filings are sent to the correct filing office, advance the statutory fees and follow up until evidence of filing is received.

Doing it Yourself? We Can Help!

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Charitable registration requirements. Nolo’s 50-State Digital Guide includes information on:

  • Exemptions for every state.
  • Links to forms, statutes and state websites.
  • State-by-state filing guidelines.

You Prepare the Forms, We File Them

  • We ensure your registrations and renewals are filed in the appropriate filing offices.
  • We advance statutory fees – you don’t have to worry about sending the wrong amount and having your filing rejected.
  • We monitor status and follow up with filing office until filing evidence is received.

Need a Higher Level of Support?

Learn more about our White Glove Service:

  • Charitable registration requirements.
  • Exemptions for every state.
  • Links to forms, statutes and state websites.
  • State-by-state filing guidelines.
  • Expert filing preparation.
  • Expert collecting, preparing and updating of attachments.
  • Filing and renewal fees advanced for you.
  • Expert filing contact to follow up with state officials.
  • Expert review and confirmation of post-filing status.
  • Two extensions filed per year per state.
  • Email reminders of filing deadlines.
  • Requests to abate or waive administrative fines or late fees on your behalf.
  • Retention of your documents and renewal dates in our online compliance calendar, Entity Central®.