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Protect Your Fictitious Business Name

If your company uses an assumed name, also known as a fictitious business name, trade name, or d/b/a name, it’s important to ensure that name is compliant with state and local laws. Assumed name registration and timely renewal establishes the use of your name. In many states, this prevents other entities from registering the same or similar name.

The requirements and renewal periods vary tremendously from state to state and can make managing these names confusing and difficult. That’s why we’re here to help.

Get Real Help For Your Assumed Business Name

Registering a d/b/a or another type of assumed business name requires a thorough understanding of regulations at multiple levels of government. We regularly monitor changes to state and local requirements, so we’ll always know what and when to file. Our team of specialists provides both personalized service and a streamlined digital process to gather and verify required information.

With our assumed name compliance services, you can ensure these names stay active in every jurisdiction – without the risk of missing something if you handle it yourself.

Why brave assumed name compliance alone? Contact us today to start getting the help you need.

What You Get with COGENCY GLOBAL

  • Initial Quality Control Audit of your existing registrations. Upon completion, you’ll receive a chart listing the names used, the registrant, initial filing date, next renewal date and other key information.
  • Ongoing maintenance of your assumed trade name(s) data in Entity Central®, our online entity management system.
  • Up-to-the-minute tracking of all assumed name renewal due dates in our Entity Central® Compliance Calendar.
  • Efficient preparation and timely filing of all assumed name renewals.
  • Confirmation of acceptance by the filing office.

Need assistance with Annual Reports? or An Assumend Name Certificate?
See how we can help with compliance.