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COGENCY GLOBAL provides clients with complimentary access to our comprehensive online Corporate Forms Library. Use this library for fillable-PDF versions of the most commonly used entity-filing forms in every state, as well as guidelines for completing them and post-filing requirements.

Save time by having the correct digital forms, all in one place. For your convenience, each form includes our COGENCY GLOBAL address, in every state, auto-filled in the field where you need it.

Our filing guidelines ensure you don’t overlook any important requirements and understand what’s needed upfront when you are handling a filing in an unfamiliar state. From jurisdictions requiring original signatures to post-filing requirements, we’ll prepare you for success with our convenient filing guidelines for qualification, withdrawal and annual reports.

Choose and receive the forms you need with a single-screen menu that allows you to select forms for one state, many states or every state. Then, simply download them or have them sent right to your inbox in a single message.

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