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Charitable Solicitation RegistrationNo matter what your mission is, you’re normally required to register with the charity office in the states where your nonprofit will be soliciting donations, a process known as charitable solicitation registration. You’re expected to know each state’s requirements, complete forms and attachments, then understand where and when to file.

Don’t get overwhelmed and frustrated by doing it all on your own – get nonprofit registration help from our professional, nonprofit experts.

Rely on Our Experience

We’ll work with you, as much or as little as you need, to make sure you’re filing the right forms, in the right location. Our experts have written books to help nonprofits just like yours complete their state charity registration exemptions. Use their experience to file with confidence.

And if you need a quick overview of state charitable registration requirements and the consequences of failing to comply before proceeding, go ahead and get your hands on our free resource on the topic below.

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Your Fundraising Registration Service Options

We have a number of service offerings, with different levels of assistance. With our White Glove Service, we’ll take care of every aspect of your registrations. With our DIY options, we provide guidance and assistance for tackling some, or all, of your charitable registrations yourself.

Our complete registration services include:

  • Email reminders of filing due dates.
  • Preparation of charity registration and exemption filings.
  • Collection, preparation and updating your required attachments.
  • Renewal filings and fees advanced on your behalf.
  • Following up with state officials.
  • Post-filing registration status review and confirmation.
  • Requesting to abate or waive administrative or late fees on your behalf.
  • Up to two extension filings per year, per state.
  • Unlimited access to our nonprofit compliance filing guidelines and nationwide forms library.
  • Complimentary access to Nonprofit Fundraising Registration: Nolo’s 50-State Digital Guide including:
  • Detailed explanation of state charitable registration requirements.
  • Detailed list of exemptions for every state.
  • Links to forms, statutes, and state websites.
  • State-by-state guidelines for initial/renewal filings.

We can also assist you with charitable registration withdrawals.

To see our convenient resource on temporary COVID-19 related changes impacting charitable registrations and renewalsclick here.

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