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Corporate & Secured Transactions

Corporate Services


Tools to Meet Corporate Requirements

Get what you need to meet corporate record-keeping regulations, customized for your new or current entity name. Store and maintain your most important entity documents in one place, with standardized forms and a professional, metal hand-seal. 

Ensure your governance documents are easy to find and updated appropriately. Request a new book and seal while you’re forming your entity or changing names, or obtain new certificates when adjusting your stock or membership structure.

Simple, Professional Style

Our corporate book is a customized binder with a protective slipcase, stock or member ledger and pre-printed ownership certificates with ample space for the governance documents you’re required to maintain. Imprint your documents with a high-quality corporate seal that includes your company name, state and year of formation.

Your Corporate Book & Seal

Place an order when you’re forming or changing your entity and we’ll get everything you need.

Your corporate book and seal package includes:

  • Corporate binder stamped with your entity name.
  • Stylish slipcase.
  • Pre-printed share or membership certificates.
  • Stock ledger.
  • Tabs to organize your important governance documents.  
  • Metal corporate hand seal.