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Reach and Experience You Can Rely On

Dig deeper for your expert witness due diligence, without wasting time and resources.

The COGENCY GLOBAL team works as an extension of your staff, for the challenging or time-consuming side of your research. We understand that you need a case built on thorough searches of every available record, but that can be difficult due to massive case files, far-flung jurisdictions, or mis-indexed pleadings buried in volumes of case records.

We’ve mastered due diligence research to help you to find more, for less.

Expert Witness Research Services

Our experienced researchers obtain expert witness written reports, trial transcripts and even publications with fast, thorough searches of courthouse case files and library archives, nationwide. We’ll help you obtain information beyond the obvious sources to get the full picture, including:

  • Trade, scientific and other literature.
  • Articles, publications and written works.
  • Attempting retrieval of unpublished literature.
  • Relevant trial testimony.
  • Deposition and trial testimony.
  • Case-specific documents or statements.
  • Thorough reviews of entire cases in which an expert witness provided services.