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Corporate & Secured Transactions

Corporate Services


Don’t Risk Rejection

There are a lot of providers to choose from when you’re forming and registering, or qualifying to do business in another state (obtaining a Certificate of Authority). Make sure you’re relying on experts that review your documents before submission, to avoid the most common reasons for rejection and costly delays.

Some providers will file your documents with only minimal review until the state rejects them. That puts your business and filing-dependent deals at risk. You could also permanently lose a critical file date.

Fast, Hands-On Filing

Our team’s proactive approach includes efficient hands-on review and filing with honest, competitive fees. We work hard to meet even the toughest deadlines and resolve problems before we file.

Your dedicated service representative will prepare your documents as needed and coordinate in-person filing, nationwide. We’re there to immediately troubleshoot any issues, while keeping you updated until your filing is approved.

Your Formation or Qualification

Whether you’re forming a new company, expanding to other states, or setting up many entities in a REIT portfolio, our team can time your filings perfectly and decrease your chances of rejection and delays.

Depending on what you need, services will vary, but generally include:

  • Name availability and/or verification.
  • Preparing your required documents (as needed).
  • Reviewing the documents prepared by your attorney.
  • Providing corporate book and seal for formation filings (optional).
  • Submitting and filing everything in-person, in any state.
  • Working with filing officers to troubleshoot issues as quickly as possible.
  • Following up to address any problems.
  • Sending you the evidence of filing, as soon as it’s approved.

When you’re qualifying in a new state, we’ll even include the extra steps you need, without an additional service fee:

  • Making sure that your entity name is available and permissible in the new  state, as well as researching alternate solutions if it isn’t.
  • Obtaining your Certificate of Good Standing from your home state.