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Corporate & Secured Transactions

Corporate Services


Updating Records and Consequences

Once your company is officially formed and registered with the Secretary of State, you’re required to update that record with any changes and officially withdraw or dissolve when you’re not doing business in a state anymore.

Filing these certificates can be frustrating, but it’s a risky requirement to ignore. If your record isn’t amended with your new name, location, purpose or share numbers, you could face financial penalties and legal problems. If you don’t officially withdraw or dissolve and simply stop fulfilling periodic report requirements, your business may be voided. As a result, you could face serious issues, such as an inability to access the court system until the company is back in good standing.  

Superior Filing Assistance, Hands-On Help

Keep your official record up-to-date without thinking about it. Get a professional to do the research, prepare or review your documents and coordinate in-person, nationwide filing. 

In some states you’ll need additional consents, such as labor or tax department approval, before you can file your withdrawal or dissolution. We’ll even obtain those on your behalf, wherever applicable and possible.

Amendment, Withdrawal and Dissolution Services

Our filing services include all necessary steps, in all US jurisdictions.

Ordinarily, these services include:

  • Verification of name availability.
  • Preparation of the documents, as needed.
  • Assistance with required approvals, where possible.
  • Review of your documents.
  • Filing documents in-person, nationwide.
  • Following up to fix problems if they arise.
  • Providing you with evidence of filing when the process is complete.

Need help with these services for an international company? We do that too.