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We will be conducting website maintenance on Saturday, May 18, beginning at 9 a.m. ET, lasting 7 hours. All applications will be affected, including UCC ProFile and Entity Central®. Thank you.

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Stay on top of your UCCs with our secure online application to create, manage and track your financing statements 24/7. Save time by easily storing and reusing your debtor, secured party and collateral details. The global editing feature is especially helpful for revising multiple filings in large projects with just a few keystrokes.

Managing the entire UCC process in one place isn’t just more efficient, it’s safer, by protecting your UCC information and images with a convenient back-up system.

XML electronic filing saves time, money and helps to file your UCCs in record time.

Use our UCC ProFile system for XML electronic filing in key states to streamline your work processes and file at the earliest possible date and time. Save money with reduced statutory fees for electronic filings in many states.

View and/or download your PDF acknowledgment copies 24/7.

No matter the filing method, all UCC ProFile customers are able to view and download PDF images of acknowledgment receipts any time. With UCC ProFile, your filing evidence is available when you need it.

Prepare, track and manage continuations, terminations and other amendments.

Get the tracking tools to schedule and manage the due dates of your continuation filings based on the date of the initial financing statements. Don’t be surprised by unexpected lapsed liens and lost priority. Manage the process using reports that provide the data to keep your filings current. Even streamline the preparation of multiple continuations or terminations.

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