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Representation & Compliance


What is a Process Agent?

A process agent is an appointed representative upon whom court papers may be served, typically in financing transactions. When you hire a professional agent for service of process, you can be assured that the appropriate steps will be taken in a timely manner when service of process is received. It also saves you the time and expense that would be incurred in setting up offices in different states and/or countries.

In a cross-border financing transaction, you have to decide which country’s governing law will preside over legal issues. Typically, companies choose New York, London, Singapore or Hong Kong because they’re financial centers with well-developed contract, commercial and business laws. 

Lenders require that you appoint a process agent to be a contact with a physical address within that chosen jurisdiction. Your agent for service of process will receive legal documents and notices related to your financing transaction, and forward them to your designated contact.

Before you can close your deal, you will need to provide evidence of the acceptance by your process agent. That’s why we work hard to be a process agent you can trust to work with your whole transaction team: lenders, lessors, each party’s counsel and the company, as borrower or issuer.

Need process agent services? Watch the "Appointing a Process Agent in 3 Steps" video above to learn how you can appoint one.

If you want more details about the role of a process agent in cross-border transactions, download our free white paper.

Learn More About the Role of a Process Agent

Facilitating Global Financing Transactions

The global financing transactions we can assist with include:

  • Commercial bank and syndicate lending deals
  • Capital Market debt and equity offerings
  • Private Placements
  • Credit financing
  • Aviation purchase, leasing and financing
  • Pre-export financing
  • Derivatives transactions under ISDA Master Agreements
  • Plus more

Our Process Agent Services

Who you choose for your process agent services matters. It’s important to work with a professional agent who fully understands their role and can ensure that your important documents are processed as correctly and quickly as possible.

Our dedicated team operates every hour of the day during the business week, around the world. We’re proud to provide superior service that’s priced by the number of entities and the transaction term, not the number of agreements. Explore the unique pricing and customized benefits included in each of our services, because you should expect more from your process agent.