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Appointing a Process Agent in 3 Steps

By: Tigist Ketema on Feb 2, 2022 11:28:00 AM

Last year, we debuted our wildly successful short film, Unintended Consequences: The Process Agent Who Saved My Life, to the world. This film helped highlight our process agent services, which provide both U.S. and international clients with an appointed representative to whom legal documents may be served.

This year, we're adding another video resource to help clients understand just how straight forward appointing a process agent should be.

It can be done in just three steps! Here is all you need to do:

Step 1: Contact a process agent provider. When you reach out to COGENCY GLOBAL, our international and multi-lingual team will respond promptly and provide a quote based on the number of appointing parties and term of the deal. We are the only player in the industry that does NOT charge a per agreement fee.

Step 2: Give the go ahead on the quote. Once we get word from you to proceed, we will send you a draft Process Agent Appointment Agreement and make any necessary revisions you request.

Step 3: Approve the agreement. Upon your final approval, we will deliver, sign and accept the appointment (same day or) within 24 hours. And for your convenience, we do not require payment before closing.

Now, click below to watch our video, Appointing a Process Agent in 3 Steps.



See how straightforward the steps to appointing a reliable process agent can be? Don't end up like the failed airline tycoon who had sell off all his belongings, call COGENCY GLOBAL today! (Don't get the reference? Watch our award winning short film!)

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