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Corporate & Secured Transactions

Corporate Services


Corporate Services

Name ServicesGetting or reserving the right name for your company can be complicated, even after you’ve done brand and trademark homework. Every state has different rules for availability and many have word-specific restrictions. 

Don’t let your business get delayed due to rejection when your name is too similar to another or requires special consents. We understand the different rules and how to resolve problems, in every state.

Corporate Services

Our team’s proactive approach avoids unforeseen issues. We’ll research the availability of the name for every filing or on request. You’ll get complete details advising where extra steps are required, before we deliver your filings. When we do expect issues, we know who to talk to and how to resolve them.

Corporate Services

Whether you need to file for a new or amended name in multiple states, or want to protect a name until your company is ready to form, we have you covered, nationwide. We can also assist your entity with assumed and fictitious name filings.

Your corporate name services include:

  • Checking the name for potential conflicts.
  • Researching potential problems.
  • A pre-filing listing of potential conflicts by state.
  • Preparation of the name reservation and registration forms and/or assumed name applications.
  • Review of your pre-prepared documents.
  • In-person filing for immediate problem resolution.
  • Obtaining agency consents, when needed.
  • Following up to resolve issues as they arise.
  • Providing evidence of filing or name reservation.