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Corporate & Secured Transactions

International Corporate Services


Public Record Documents for Global Deals

International Corporate ServicesMany financial transactions, deals and mergers require you to obtain entity documents right before your closing date to ensure that they’re current. Avoid unforeseen problems delaying your deal with a proactive search for potential issues.

A Proactive Approach

We work hard to prevent delays by verifying good standing where possible, and searching for potential problems before we retrieve your documents. Our team is responsive throughout the process, through constant contact with state agencies, and provides fast solutions and detailed status reports.

Documents we can help obtain include:

  • Good Standing Certificates, or country-specific equivalent.
  • Registry extract.
  • Existence certificates.
  • Certified copies.
  • Plain copies.
  • Tax certificates.
  • Bring-down letters, where available.
  • Status checks.


Close on time when the COGENCY GLOBAL team is on your side, preventing delays through expertise and strategic research.

International document retrieval services generally include:

  • Verification of entity name, document cost and entity status, as needed.
  • A fast, cost-effective retrieval plan.
  • Following up with government agencies.
  • Project status reports to keep you updated and aware of additional steps needed to address any issues.
  • Obtaining your documents, worldwide.