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Cogency Global welcomes Tax Guard into our growing family! Read more here.

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Real Property Services


Real Property Services

Chances are, you don’t need the history of a property dating back to the 1800s. So don’t pay for it.

Rely on COGENCY GLOBAL when you need real property searches for transactions that don’t require title insurance. Save time and money with a more precise search and streamlined results in an easy-to-follow report.

Real Property Services

Get a local chain of ownership search faster, and for a lot less, than a specialized title company report that’s more comprehensive than you need. Our agents are already on the ground in more than 3,400 local jurisdictions. Add this search to your other COGENCY GLOBAL due diligence services for reliable results you can count on.

Real Property Services

Our nationwide team can expertly search more than 3,400 local jurisdictions to create a concise report that’s customized for your transaction.

Our real property search services include:

    • Fixture lien searches.
    • Real property lien searches.
    • Owner verification.
    • Current owner searches.
    • Tax assessor searches.
    • Open mortgage searches.
    • Grantee and grantor searches.
    • Owner and mortgage searches.
    • Owner and encumbrance searches.
    • Chain of ownership searches.
    • Retrieval of real property.