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Names for Annual/Periodic Reports by State

By: Terri Lennon, COGENCY GLOBAL on Thu, Jun 15, 2017

While required business entity report filings are called "annual reports" in most states, the names and timing of these reports vary, as illustrated in the color-coded map. 

Annual _Reports_Final-1.jpg

For more details, see the chart below:

State Company Type Report Name
Alabama Corporation AL Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report
Alaska Corporation Biennial Report
Arizona Corporation Annual Report
Arkansas Corporation Franchise Tax Report
California Corporation Statement of Information (Initial or Biennial)
Colorado Corporation Periodic Report
Connecticut LLC Annual Report
Delaware Corporation Annual Report and Franchise Tax Payment
Delaware LLC Annual Franchise Tax Payment
District of Colombia Corporation Initial Report
 Florida Corporation Annual Report
Georgia Corporation Initial Registration, Annual Registration
Hawaii Corporation Annual Report
Idaho LLC Annual Report
Illinois Corporation Annual Report
Indiana LLC Business Entity Report
Iowa Corporation Biennial Report
Kansas LLC Annual Report
Kentucky Corporation Annual Report
Louisiana Corporation Annual Report
Maine LLC Annual Report
Maryland Corporation Personal Property Return and Annual Report
Massachussetts LLC Annual Report
Michigan Corporation Annual Report
Michigan LLC Annual Statement
Minnesota Corporation Annual Renewal
Mississippi LLC Annual Report
Missouri Corporation Initial Report, Annual Registration Report
Montana LLC Annual Report
Nebraska Corporation Occupation Tax Report
Nebraska LLC LLC Biennial Report
Nevada Corporation Initial List, Annual List
New Hampshire Corporation Annual Report
New Jersey LLC Corporate Annual Report
New Mexico Corporation Biennial Report
New York Corporation Biennial Statement
North Carolina LLC Annual Report
North Dakota Corporation Annual Report
Oklahoma Corporation Annual Certificate, OK Annual Franchise Tax Return
Oregon Corporation Annual Report
Pennsylvania LLC Decennial Report of Association Continued Existence
Rhode Island Corporation Profit Corporation Annual Report
Rhode Island LLC LLC Annual Report
South Carolina Corporation Initial Annual Report of Corporations - CL-1, Corporation Income Tax Return - SC1120 or SC1120S
South Dakota Corporation Annual Report
Tennessee LLC Annual Report
Texas Corporation Franchise Tax Report
Utah LLC Annual Report/Renewal Form
Vermont Corporation Annual Report
Virginia Corporation Annual Report
Virginia LLC Annual Registration Fee Assessment Notice
Washington Corporation License Renewal & Annual Report
West Virginia LLC Annual Report
Wisconsin Corporation Annual Report
Wyoming Corporation Profit Corporation Annual Report
Wyoming LLC Annual Report

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