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National Corporate Research is Now Cogency Global

By: COGENCY GLOBAL on Jun 23, 2017 5:22:02 PM

We are pleased to share some fun and exciting news about our organization. Effective May 1, 2017, we have changed our company name from National Corporate Research, Ltd. to COGENCY GLOBAL INC.



The word COGENCY is defined as “clear, logical, and convincing.” It’s what all of us strive to be in our organizations, every day and on every issue we address. And it’s why you choose us to be your trusted partner, registered agent, and service company.

We made this change because in recent years we have evolved dramatically: offering many new and innovative products; opening offices in key international commercial centers; and now providing services on six continents. In addition to our new name, we are refreshing several aspects of our company identity, including a new logo, a new domain name, and a newly re-imagined website that will be launching soon. But while these aspects of our organization may be changing, most everything else about our brand is remaining exactly the same: Same Company. Same Ownership. Same Values. Same Management Team. Same Great Service Teams. Same Account Executives. And the same commitment to providing you with The Right Response at the Right Time, Every Time®.

Beginning today, we are co-branding our current website and many of our services with both our old name and our new name for a short transition period while everything is converted to COGENCY GLOBAL. Our office addresses and telephone numbers are remaining the same. You will still be able to find us at nationalcorp.com as well as at our new home, COGENCYGLOBAL.COM. You will be able to communicate with us using our current e-mail addresses and on our new domain name. For example, you can continue to reach us at e-mail addresses such as info@nationalcorp.com even as we begin to use INFO@COGENCYGLOBAL.COM. Our main objective during all of this is to ensure that in all cases and in every way, you will have no difficulty continuing to do business with us today and going forward.

For our Registered Agent customers, we are currently updating the public record in all jurisdictions to reflect our change of name in that representative capacity. But rest assured that this will have no effect on our ability to receive service of process and other critical documents on your behalf, as we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure the highest quality of uninterrupted service available.

We hope you find our new company identity as fun and exciting as we do. If you have any questions about any of this please do not hesitate to contact your Account Executive or Client Service Specialist at any time.