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Angola Embassy Legalization: New Translation Requirement

By: COGENCY GLOBAL on Jan 2, 2019 9:57:25 AM

Angola Embassy Has a New Translation Requirement for Document Authentication and LegalizationIn the event that you have documents that need to be legalized for Angola, please note that the Angola Embassy in D.C. has instituted new translation requirements for these documents. 

In the past, the embassy has required that the following documents be accompanied by a certified translation into Portuguese: 

  1. The documents to be legalized, including the notary statement.
  2. The state authentication document.

They are now also requiring translation for the U.S. Department of State authentication, which must also be attached to the documents when presented to the embassy for legalization.

If you have any questions on legalization for the country of Angola or any other country, please contact your COGENCY GLOBAL service specialist.

Topics: Authentication / Legalization