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Chinese Embassy in D.C. Changes Identification Requirements

By: Clare Oliva on May 4, 2018 3:53:21 PM

PassportThe Chinese embassy in DC has changed identification requirements again. The embassy will again accept a copy of a driver’s license as the personal identification for the legal representative of a company in place of a passport. If a driver’s license is presented, the nationality of the legal representative must be placed on the side of the G1 form. We have verified that either a driver’s license or passport is acceptable in the five local consulates as well.

The current requirements for the G1 form are as follows:
  1. For company applicants, the original signature of the legal representative (officer, director or counsel) must be provided in Section 8 of the form.
  2. A copy of that individual’s personal identification must be provided as well. If a driver’s license is used for identification, the person’s nationality must be indicated on the side of the G1 form.
  3. Sections three and four of the form must be filled out with the reason for legalization and an indication of where in China the document will be used.
  4. The person or company submitting the documents to the embassy must be listed as agent in Section 7, and must also provide identification. COGENCY GLOBAL must be listed in this section for all legalizations we are handling.
  5. The form must be typed in ALL CAPITAL letters. Forms completed by hand will not be accepted.

A copy of the G1 form is available on the Authentication and Legalization Resources page of our website.

For assistance with document legalization for China, reach out to your COGENCY GLOBAL client service specialists.