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Entity Central® – Announcing New Virtual Minute Book Module

By: Colleen A. DeVries on Mar 6, 2018 2:47:07 PM

EC_Woman_at_Computer_screen_Fotolia_69298300_SCOGENCY GLOBAL is excited to announce the addition of a new virtual Minute Book module in Entity Central®. This Minute Book module will be included in a new version of Entity Central®   starting Wednesday, March 7th

We understand the importance of maintaining good corporate governance and record keeping during the lifecycle of all of the domestic and/or international entities for your company.

The new version of Entity Central® will allow registered clients to easily upload corporate records (for all company types in all jurisdictions) in a secure virtual Minute Book, and organize them by the following categories:

  • Charter Certificate/Articles of Incorporation or Formation, Amendment, Merger, Dissolution
  • Qualification – Applications/Certificates of Authority
  • Governance – Bylaws, LLC Operating Agreements
  • Minutes/Consents - Minutes of Meetings, Written Consents of Directors, Officer, Members, Managers
  • Ownership – Stock Ledger, Register of Stockholders, Members

This new virtual Minute Book also includes additional categories so that you can add tax documents, licenses and any miscellaneous documents you wish to maintain with your Minute Book records based on your personal preference.

Registered users do not need to take any action to have access to the new version of Entity Central®. It will be available upon logging in on Wednesday, March 7th.

Our goal for Entity Central® is to provide you with one secure central repository for all of the information and documentation you need to manage your companies. Unlike other entity management systems in the marketplace, Entity Central® is provided to COGENCY GLOBAL’s registered agent and compliance clients at no additional charge, providing you with significantly more value when you choose us for your statutory representation and other service needs.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send them to entitycentral@cogencyglobal.com

Topics: Delaware Corporate, UCC and Compliance