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UAE Legalization Requests Will Be Accepted Again Beginning 4/27/18 - Fees to Change on 5/1/18

By: COGENCY GLOBAL on Apr 27, 2018 1:30:11 PM

United Arab Emirates-1Recently we advised that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Embassy in D.C. would not be accepting legalization requests until May 1st, based on information received from the embassy. A planned change in fees was the cause of the delay. The embassy has moved more quickly than expected and will be accepting documents for legalization beginning April 27th.  In addition, they are actually decreasing the fees.  

The new fees for document legalization will be:

  • Corporate and legal documents:  $546.67 each
  • Personal and education documents:  $41 each

If you have questions or need assistance in managing the legalization process for documents that will be used in the UAE, reach out to your COGENCY GLOBAL service specialist.