Service and Schedule Changes Related to Coronavirus

By: COGENCY GLOBAL on Sep 17, 2020 1:02:58 PM

While jurisdictions and filing offices may curtail in-person contact as a response to the coronavirus, many services remain available online. This page will be updated as we verify service disruptions and other schedule changes. Sign up for our email updates to receive notifications directly.

We are also maintaining guides on U.S. state filing service availability, select international registry statuses, authentication and legalization closures and for nonprofit organizations, charitable registration renewal changes. 

State-by-State Service Guide International Registry Status Guide Authentication/Legalization Closings Guide Charitable Registration Renewal Guide

Other Updates as of 1:00 PM on September 17th, 2020:

If you have questions about any of this information, feel free to contact your COGENCY GLOBAL service specialist.

Embassy and Consulate News: Angola, Saudi Arabia and China

Updated September 17th, 2020 


Due to coronavirus concerns, the D.C. Embassy and New York Consulate are closed until further notice. The Consulate General of Angola in Houston Texas is open for mail-in service, and will legalize documents originating in all U.S. jurisdictions, as long as they have been authenticated by the U.S. Department of State. Additionally, identification is required for all power of attorney documents.

Saudi Arabia

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in D.C. will accept documents originating in all U.S. jurisdictions. However, we have noticed that documents from Texas have a slightly delayed processing time. Documents notarized in Texas must be accompanied by identification.


The Chinese Embassy is currently open to the public only on Fridays and is not offering same day service. (Additionally, the embassy will be closed completely on October 1st and 2nd in honor of National Day.)

If you have questions on a specific jurisdiction, please reach out to your COGENCY GLOBAL service specialist who can verify current status of that office.

WA State Filing Office: Limited Hours Until Further Notice

Updated September 17th, 2020 

The Washington Corporations and Charities Division has announced that the office will be open Monday through Thursday (8 AM – 5 PM) but closed on Fridays until further notice.

Corporate status certificates, certified and plain copies, as well as UCC Searches and filings can all be obtained when the office is closed. Some corporate filings can also be made online.

Chinese Embassy Closed Until August 21st

Updated August 12th, 2020

Due to a confirmed case of COVID-19, the embassy for the People’s Republic of China in Washington D.C. will be closed until August 21st. Pending requests that were scheduled to be released on August 14th will now be released on the 21st. New requests for legalization cannot be submitted until the embassy reopens.

California and Illinois: More Services Starting June 1st

Updated May 29th, 2020

Beginning Monday, June 1st, California will allow the following service options, previously suspended due to the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Preclearance services will be available for corporate filings with a 24-hour preclearance fee of $500.
  • 24-hour expedite services will be available for corporate filings, for an additional $350.
  • For corporate filing and retrieval requests, documents may again be dropped off for processing and can be picked-up once daily. However, requests for apostille and authentication, statements of information and UCC filings must still be mailed in.
  • Counter fees ($15 for routine corporate filings and $10 for document retrieval) will be reinstated at this time as well.
  • Rejected corporate filings will again be able to obtain the original submission date as the date of filing if corrections are made within 72 hours

The Illinois Secretary of State’s Corporate, LLC and UCC Divisions in Springfield will also be opening June 1st with limited access. 

  • Service companies can drop off and pick up UCC and corporate filings as well as copy requests at an assigned time once per day.
  • All daily submissions will be handled on the following business day, and no “Stand and Wait” expedited services will be provided.

Additionally, the Index Offices, both in Springfield and on 17N. State Street in Chicago will be open. (Index Offices provide apostille and authentication certificates.)

U.S. Department of State Office of Authentications Update

Updated May 8th, 2020

The U.S. Department of State has begun returning completed requests for legalization that were mailed in 6 – 8 weeks ago, although the office remains closed to the public. As we now have confirmation that our mailed in requests are getting processed, we will resume sending requests for legalization in for processing. We will continue to follow up on all requests, but please note that a processing time of at least 6 to 8 weeks is expected.

Please reach out to your COGENCY GLOBAL service representative if you have questions or concerns about U.S. Department of State apostilles or authentication certificates and legalization matters in general.

Annual Reporting and Other Due Date Extensions

Updated April 15th, 2020

Annual Report Deadlines Extended Due to Coronavirus


The due date for filing Business Privilege Tax returns (as well as some other tax returns) for entities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic has been postponed from April 15th to July 15th for this year.


Late fees and interest charges for annual franchise taxes, normally due May 1st,  will be waived until July 15th for the 2020 franchise tax reporting year. The standard $25 late fee plus 0.000274% interest per day will not be assessed for companies filing between May 2nd and July 15th.


Connecticut extended the filing period for annual reports that were due today, March 31st. Limited liability company annual reports, normally due by March 31st, may be filed on or before June 30th of this year with no penalty.


The May 1st deadline has been extended to June 30th for corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and limited liability limited partnerships. The standard $400 penalty for late filing will not be assessed until after 12:01 AM on July 1st.

Companies can reach out to COGENCY GLOBAL to file their annual reports, or handle independently online using the state’s website.


The deadline to file the 2020 Annual Registration for corporations and LLCs has been extended from April 1st to May 1st.


The Illinois Secretary of State’s office has advised that in order to accommodate filers hampered by the closure of their office due to COVID-19, all late fees will be waived for a 90-day period on filings such as Annual Reports, Reinstatements, Cumulative Report of Changes in Issued Shares and Paid in Capital, Report Following Merger or Consolidation and Application for Authority to Transact Business in Illinois.


The deadline for filing Annual Reports has been extended from April 15th to July 15th.


The deadline to file the 2020 Personal Property Tax Returns for corporations and LLCs has been extended from April 15th to July 15th. Please note that this change may take a few days to be reflected on the online records for these entities.


While Montana has not officially extended the filing deadline, they have waived the standard $15 penalty fee for corporations and LLCs that do not file by the April 15th deadline. Penalties for late filing will not be applied until after July 15th

North Carolina

North Carolina has announced that they will not consider annual reports due April 15th delinquent until June 15th, although they are not able to officially extend the deadline. This policy will apply to annual reports for all LLCs registered in North Carolina, as well as any corporations, LLPs, and LLLPs with a fiscal year end of 12/31. Although companies will not be penalized with delinquent status until after June 15th, they are encouraged to file by April 15th if possible.


Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts is extending the due date for 2020 franchise tax reports to July 15th. The due date extension is granted automatically to all franchise tax payers.

Washington, D.C.

Annual Reports for all entity types are normally due April 1st, but the DCRA will allow them to be filed any time between April 1 and June 1 without incurring a late fee. The same is true for trade name renewals. Business license renewals due between March 25th and April 27th will have 45 days after the declared emergency is over to file the renewal.

Puerto Rico

The deadline for corporations and LLCs to file the 2019 Annual Report has been extended from April 15th to July 15th. In previous years, corporations could apply to extend the deadline for filing the annual report to July 15th. This year, because the deadline is already extended to July 15th, no extension applications are needed. Corporations will not be able to extend past July 15th.

Update: Several Embassies Closed Until Further Notice

Updated April 3rd, 2020

Closings and Service Changes for Embassies and Other Authentication and Legalization OfficesWe've received notice that several embassies in Washington D.C. and London have curtailed services or closed to public, related to coronavirus.

Details regarding these closures and other service changes are available in our Authentication and Legalization Closings guide.


Reminder: Please contact your COGENCY GLOBAL service specialist with any questions.