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Based in the heart of London's financial district, we are a legal services company that's uniquely positioned to support your business in the U.K., the U.S. and across the globe.  

In a digitally connected world, we still recognise the value of being present in the real one. We have feet on the ground in all of the world’s financial capitals, so that we can support you better with multilingual, 24-hour service and localised expertise.

Our values haven’t changed since the founding of the COGENCY GLOBAL group (as National Code Corporation) by Howard and Joan Wagner in 1980. We still believe that it’s possible for a global company to know their customers by name and treat their business like it matters. We do it every day, around the world.


The Right Response at the Right Time, Every Time® is much more than our tagline. It’s a company-wide commitment to understanding exactly what you need, creating perfectly-timed solutions (where and when you need them), and keeping you informed.

Put your trust in an experienced team that’s been in this business for decades, providing a full range of services for your firm's largest transactions and projects. We're there when you need us, right across the globe.


Our Values

Growth is a big part of our mission, and we realise that in order to expand our global capabilities and locations, we must provide our team with the tools they need to evolve and face new challenges. Not only do we equip our employees with ongoing training and emerging technology, but our unique company culture fosters creativity and builds the foundation for success.

Together, we live our Core Values:

Integrity: Doing the right thing even when no one will know and walking the talk.
Fairness: We have an open-door policy with access to all including the CEO at any time in a friendly & collaborative environment.
Fun: We believe in a fun work environment & have many team events that support the ‘fun’ culture.
Safe for All: we are committed to diversity and inclusion. Through year-round company updates, activities and training programs, we encourage our work family to learn from and support each other while celebrating what makes each of us unique.