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Global Subsidiary Management

Company Secretary


corporate-secretarial-serviceOnce you’ve formed a company in an international jurisdiction, our company secretarial services help ensure that it stays in good standing and up-to-date on filings and fees. Requirements vary greatly by jurisdiction, type of entity, statute changes and more.

Maintain control in unfamiliar global jurisdictions with an experienced team to track corporate changes and keep your entity compliant.

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Hands-On Service for More Value

Minimise your risk for less, with our international team’s experience in strategic locations around the world. We offer more value and the highest level of responsiveness worldwide.

Get our team to manage your compliance and know your international business won’t be interrupted.


Your Company Secretarial Service

We offer expert compliance assistance in jurisdictions around the world.

Corporate compliance services vary by region, but generally include:

  • Offering named company secretary solutions.
  • Providing a registered office.
  • Tracking annual and event-based compliance for your entity.
  • Preparing and filing forms/documents with the registry.
  • Maintaining and updating board and shareholders' meeting minutes, as required.
  • Maintaining and updating statutory registers.
  • Maintaining the register of beneficial owner, as required.
  • Obtaining or retrieving documents from the registry.
  • Seeking approvals or extension from the registry, as needed.