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UCC and PPSA Expertise for Fast Precision

UCC Filing Services

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a comprehensive set of laws governing all commercial transactions in the United States. Specifically, Article 9 of the UCC provides a framework for perfecting security interests for secured credit transactions.

In the U.S., all companies must comply with the UCC and COGENCY GLOBAL has been helping multinational organisations do so since 1980.

We simplify complex UCC filing rules for you by handling preparation, filing and portfolio management with speed, precision and expert knowledge of Article 9, from each office’s fees to each state’s requirements.

In Canada, the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) is the nearest equivalent to the UCC. However, the PPSA differs from the UCC and European equivalents in multiple ways. We help businesses be aware of the different types of Canadian liens, and where and how they are filed.

Time is of the essence in lien filings. Whether under UCC or PPSA, as a creditor, your priority is based on the date the security interest is perfected. Avoid costly delays and rejections by filing correctly, the first time.

Simplified Filing, For Less

Get more for your money when you choose COGENCY GLOBAL. We’ll complete, review, advance funds and file following your instructions and the jurisdiction's requirements. Simply check your inbox for your evidence of filing.

Make UCC management easy with our complimentary UCC online filing system, UCC ProFile, with setup and training at no additional charge. Every employee can access this system to prepare, file, download acknowledgments and amend filings efficiently and accurately with auto-populated fields.

Your UCC and PPSA Preparation and Filing Service

UCC and PPSA filings, as well as preparation, have always been strengths of our company. Our experience, U.S. and Canada-wide network, and unparalleled service ensure your UCCs and PPSAs are accurate and get filed faster, for less.

Your U.S. and Canada lien preparation and filing services include:

  • Complimentary UCC ProFile access, setup, and training.
  • Expert system for preparing your UCC1 and UCC3 amendments.
  • UCC Lien Filing
  • Review of your self-prepared forms to meet jurisdictional requirements.
  • Advancing fees on your behalf.
  • Follow-up with filing office.
  • Providing the filed acknowledgment from the filing office.
  • UCC ProFile provides UCC3 continuation management and lapse reports.