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U.S. Due Diligence Services

IP Due Diligence


Federal IP ServicesU.S. federal IP services have become a crucial part of the due diligence process as patents, trademarks and copyrighted material are being used more often as collateral to secure loans. Unfortunately, searching and reporting haven’t evolved to meet this need. So we did.

Intellectual property lien searches are typically conducted in multiple databases. Searching one field at a time can take hours and you may still miss the information you need. We developed our own search engine to be faster, more accurate and more cost-effective, using information transmitted directly from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Unsure of how to begin your intellectual property due diligence? Download our webinar recording today to find out what you need to know and how to do it correctly.

Watch the webinar recording today to understand what you need to know about Intellectual Property Due Diligence (IP DD).


Many companies say they offer federal IP services, but are providing reports meant for a different purpose, not IP due diligence. It’s often costly to get search results that are inches thick and mostly irrelevant to secured transactions.

Lawyers and paralegals also spend hours performing these searches manually, using the valuable time that could be spent on billable work. In many cases, our complete intellectual property due diligence search costs less than buying one hour of a lawyer’s time.



Our team is leading the industry by performing searches with a unique USPTO search engine using data obtained directly from the official source. We’ll show you the big picture, in integrated reports you can actually understand. We can also file assignments with the USPTO and U.S. Copyright Office (USCO).

For a fraction of the cost and time, we provide:

Ownership Searches: Identify trademark applications, registrations, published pending patents, patent grants, and copyright registrations.

Assignment Searches: Identify patent and trademark assignment results, copyright assignments (aka copyright recordations) and security interests assigned to or by an entity.

Patent Assignment Filings: Transfer an owner's patent property rights in full or in part. If the owner's name changes, we can file a name change to reflect the current owner's name with the Assignment Recordation Branch of the USPTO.

Trademark Assignment Filings: Transfer an owner's rights, title, and interest in a trademark or service mark in full or in part. We can file a name change to reflect ownership in a trademark or service mark with the Assignment Recordation Branch of the USPTO.

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