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Other Jurisdictions


flags-1615129_1920In various finance and other business transactions, the parties involved enter into contracts promising they will fulfil their obligations. In the event that obligations aren’t fulfilled, legal recourse is usually available. More often than not, where you sue matters just as much as whether or not you sue. This is because not all judicial systems are organised in the same manner.

The uniqueness of the industry, country or state that the transaction is taking place in often affects the choice of jurisdiction for appointment of a process agent.

Contact us to appoint a process agent in other jurisdictions today!

While a New York, Hong Kong or U.K. Process agent is often preferred in large commercial financing transactions, there are many other cases where other jurisdictions are preferred.

We can provide services in:

  • Singapore
  • 50 U.S. states and District of Columbia
  • Cayman Islands
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Others


If you want more details about the role of a process agent in cross-border transactions, get your hands on our free white paper.

Learn More About the Role of a Process Agent




Your Process Agent

We work your hours. Don’t wait overnight to complete the final condition precedent necessary for your closing.

Our global team has experience working with magic circle law firms, leading lenders and aviation companies.

We are prepared to deal with urgent requests for process agent appointments.


You get:

  • Significant cost savings with a better pricing model.
  • 24-hour availability from a multilingual process agent team on all business days.
  • Global reach in key jurisdictions around the world.
  • Flexible payment via wire at closing.
  • Protection against invalid service of process, as our team carefully examines served papers and won’t receive legal documents unrelated to the financial transaction in which we’re named.
  • Access to Entity Central®, our process agent database to view your process agent appointments and related information and documents.