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Registered Agent & Registered Office

Registered Agents Are Essential in the U.S.

National Registered Agents

In America, companies are required by law to appoint registered agents and offices for every state they’re located in, to receive and respond to sensitive legal documents (statutory notification), tax information, compliance communications and more. Organisations that operate in multiple states often choose to appoint a national registered agent company. When your company was formed, your registered agent may have been chosen for you, without you understanding the details.

A qualified U.S. registered agent ensures important legal documents are handled promptly and in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in all states where you do business. When you appoint our experts as your registered agent or registered office in the U.S., we’re a part of your team, not just a name on a form.

A Trusted Part of Your Team

If you’re looking for a registered agent for a corporation or any other entity, we’ll become a part of the team, from preparing and filing your agency appointment to providing the most responsive statutory notification delivery in our industry, across the U.S. and around the world.

Upon reviewing statutory notification, get an immediate update when your company is served. Choose the format you prefer for immediate notification (email, secured link, password-protected access and/or express courier). Then, access your real-time updates, deadlines, status changes, and information anywhere, with our secure online system, Entity Central®.

Your Registered Agent and Registered Office Service

We work hard to be the smart choice for registered agent services by offering a comprehensive plan for your most time-sensitive communications.

Your registered agent service includes:

  • A registered agent address to fulfil state requirements.
  • Experienced handling of statutory notification in every state, as well as legal and state tax notifications in every state and many countries around the world.
  • Immediate notification of new documents.
  • Secure communication options for statutory notification (email, via a secured link and password-protected access and express courier delivery).
  • Our online entity management system, Entity Central®, for easy access to your entity information, customised reports, and real-time status updates, right from your smart devices, anywhere.

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