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U.S. Corporate Services

Document Retrieval


International_Corporate_Services-1When you need documents, there’s likely a financial transaction, deal or merger that is dependent on determining specific information or entity status. Often, those documents have to be current and obtained as close as possible to closing to avoid any problems that could delay your deal.

You need a partner that understands how the U.S. works, does their homework and proactively searches for issues, before they can cause a delay. Our experienced team provides quick assistance in obtaining the following documents in every state:

  • Good Standing Certificates.
  • Existence Certificates.
  • Certified copies.
  • Plain copies.
  • Tax certificates.
  • Status checks.

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To avoid costly delays, you need a team that does more than take your orders. That’s why we verify your status when needed, estimate costs and make you aware of issues, before your documents are ordered.

Then, we’ll follow up with state agencies, provide detailed updates and solve problems quickly. We retrieve and send you the documents you need as quickly as we can, often the same day the order is placed.




Trust the COGENCY GLOBAL team to retrieve your official U.S. documents fast, by doing the research it takes to avoid delays, while keeping you in control.

Your document retrieval service includes:

  • Verification of entity name, document cost and entity status, as needed.
  • A fast, cost-effective retrieval plan.
  • Following up with state agencies.
  • Project status reports to keep you updated and aware of additional steps needed to address any issues.
  • Obtaining your documents, across the U.S.
  • Electronic and hand delivery.
  • Localised knowledge and expertise.