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Global Subsidiary Management

Annual Compliance

Experience Makes a Difference

representation-compliance-service-1Tracking annual compliance requirements, which are different in every country, can be a significant administrative task when entering new international jurisdictions. No matter what your location, you can have confidence in knowing that you have an experienced team at the helm of your global corporate compliance.

Global Help From a Global Team

You don’t have to worry about changing statutory requirements, filing or timing coordination with our notification process. Your dedicated representative gives you confidence in knowing that your business is in good hands.

Your Annual Report Compliance Management

Don’t struggle with managing your global compliance alone. Get help from experts in jurisdictions around the world.

Depending on the location, your annual compliance may include:

  • Tracking your deadlines.
  • Research to confirm what you need to file and when.
  • Timely reminders of government fees due.
  • On-time filing of annual returns and events-based compliance reports.
  • Completion of forms on your behalf.
  • Confirming your entity’s good standing.
  • Confirmation of your accepted filings.
  • Updating your portfolio with company changes.
  • Storage of your information and updates in our online Entity Central® system, making the following years’ filings more seamless.