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Corporate Seal and Minute Book

Tools to Meet Corporate Requirements

corporate-bookGet what you need to meet U.S. corporate record-keeping regulations, customised for your new or current entity name. Store and maintain your most important entity documents in one place, with standardised forms and a professional, metal hand-seal.

Ensure your U.S. governance documents are easy to find and updated appropriately. Request a new seal and minute book while you’re forming your entity or changing names, or obtain new certificates when adjusting your stock or membership structure.

Simple, Professional Style

Our corporate book is a customised binder with a protective slipcase, stock or member ledger and pre-printed ownership certificates with ample space for the governance documents you’re required to maintain in the U.S. Imprint your documents with a high-quality corporate seal that includes your company name, state and year of formation.

Your Corporate Seal & Minute Book

Place an order when you’re forming or changing your entity in the U.S. and we’ll get everything you need.

Your corporate seal and minute book package includes:

  • Corporate binder stamped with your entity name.
  • Stylish slipcase.
  • Pre-printed share or membership certificates.
  • Stock ledger.
  • Tabs to organise your important governance documents.  
  • Metal corporate hand seal.