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Library Services

Have the resources of the Library of Congress at your fingertips, without leaving the office. Our library services team knows the resources, staff and skills to fulfill your federal, state or international legislative research needs.

Streamline this tedious, time consuming work with our advanced research skills and in-person research professionals. We’ll work with Library of Congress reference staff and their specialists for every region around the globe to provide the congressional and foreign law documents you need. Some of the material at their disposal isn’t cataloged, but is available by appointment.

Legislative Research and Retrieval Services

When you need to access the Library of Congress for a court case, multinational transaction, or more, we’re there, in-person, for the research and retrieval of:

  • Congressional documents.
  • House and Senate Reports.
  • Conference and committee reports.
  • Hearings and Executive Orders.
  • Legislative history research for all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Foreign acts and gazettes.
  • And more.