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Process AgentGet one reliable process agent (also called an “agent for service of process”), anywhere you need to establish jurisdiction for your cross-border financial transactions. We’re everywhere you need us to receive locally-served legal documents on your behalf, with multiple offices in the U.S., including New York, and internationally, in Hong Kong, London and Singapore. We also have a worldwide network of partners.

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What is a process agent and why is one often needed in cross-border transactions?
Learn about the purpose and role of a process agent in cross-border transactions and what steps you should take when you want to appoint one.

Learn About the Role of a Process Agent

Your Process Agent

Get globally specialized service and superior savings in every time zone, when you choose COGENCY GLOBAL as your process agent for loan/credit agreements, ISDA Master Agreements for derivative transactions, mortgage or lease agreements for aviation transitions, USA Patriot Act Certifications, import/export financing agreements, private placement agreements, REITs and other financial and capital market transactions.

Our process agent service includes:

  • Significant cost savings with a better pricing model – there is never a per agreement fee.
  • Six more months of service after your term has ended, if requested, at no additional cost.
  • Flexible payment via wire at closing or within 30 days after, never in advance.
  • Expedited delivery of your signed acceptance of appointment, usually the same day or within 24-hours, so that your deal won’t be delayed.
  • Multilingual professionals to support communication in the native language of borrowers, issuers, counsel and lenders.
  • Customized appointment agreements or master agreements to streamline the appointment process for future transactions.
  • Global reach in key jurisdictions around the world.
  • Protection against invalid service of process, as our team carefully examines served papers and won’t receive legal documents unrelated to the financial transaction in which we’re named.



As an international process agent, we are experienced in acting as process agent in cross-border financing deals and understand our role, at the time of the deal’s closing and throughout the term. We deliver customized service, based on that understanding, so that you can focus on your transactions. Our team works hard to meet your most important considerations:


If your provider charges by the number of agreements, you’ll spend thousands more than you need to. We understand that there are multiple agreements in every deal, so we never charge an additional fee per agreement, resulting in significant savings to you.


Our experienced team is available around the clock on business days, to handle your requests quickly no matter what time zone you’re in. We deliver our acceptance as process agent on the same day, or within 24 hours, to ensure your deal won’t be delayed. Since market conditions change constantly, we understand that delays are simply unacceptable in any transaction.


We are committed to the long-term satisfaction of our clients around the world. As your process agent, our team travels to meet with our clients in person, every year. That dedication helps us to better understand your needs, personalize our services and develop helpful, professional friendships. Our commitment to providing professional, customized service is the foundation of our business.


Know that your process agent understands the role, both at the time of the appointment and during the term of your financing. We maintain tight internal controls to ensure prompt notification and response when we receive any legal documents, notices or requests to amend existing appointments.

Global Reach                                                                          

The members of our global team are multilingual legal or industry professionals with locations in cities around the world, allowing us to perform our roles as a process agent. 

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